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The Show must go on...

The Show must go on...Well, when it comes to the ABC's QandA program on a Monday night at 9:30pm.. I love the show, I have enjoyed this panel style program for ages. What i'm not a big fan of, is having the politicians on the panel because they tend to bring the discussion down to a base level of 'he said - she said'. Nor am i a big fan of having fluffy pop idols on who have very little to add to the panel discussion intellectually. This post however is about my attempts so far to get a question asked on the show. 


As a previous student of criminology and having noticed recent rises in random violence in our cities, I have sent in several suggestions for shows/themes such as a crime and justice special, even suggested panel members like 'Chopper' Read, Roger Rogerson, Prof Paul Wilson and others. These are people I have read about a lot and would love to see on the QandA panel.  I know that Debbie Kilroy has been on the panel before but I think she would be better suited to my lineup than the one they had her on. 


I have also asked QandA whether they're ever going to do a Longreach special and talk about rural/regional issues. Of course, i have never heard back from anyone at QandA about these ideas, i suppose they get plenty of people like me doing the same and i am but one small voice in a huge television audience. I note that QandA was recently in Dalby in Queensland's great south east and that the tv show 'Compass' recently did an episode out here, I believe it was Geraldine having dinner with some of the ladies of Longreach.  It is my opinion that QandA should consider doing a show out here as there are lots of rural/regional issues to discuss such as the cost of internet out here etc... I will return to this later...


I have posted a number of web questions/comments, some relating to Clive Palmers appearance on a previous episode or just the politicians performances, not one of which was picked up until recently when i posted a question for the Sydney Writers Festival. My question came from the fact that i am trying to write a book based on my mothers life and brave battle with a dreadful disease. She passed away 2years ago now and i have found that it is in part, an expression of love and in another, therapy. The question was as follows:


For the panel, this is a question from a wannabe writer looking for some hints and/or tips from the professionals such as yourselves. Can you please tell me what you have found to be the best way to publish your first work? Also, what do you think of 'self-publishing' or 'e-publishing' as methods of getting a 1st work out there? I'm not talking the next 'fifty shades' but a biography of ordinary and a battle with disease.”


You see, I had posted it as a web question and wasn't holding out much hope that it would be asked. Then, on a road trip down to Brisbane with my partner, we stopped at Roma for lunch at the local KFC. I had just entered their rest room convenience after eating the Colonels secret recipe chicken so i was a little indisposed. The phone rang and reluctantly i answered it. My first thought was, it was a recruitment agency or a prospective employer as i had been applying for jobs. However, it was a producer from ABC's QandA program and she wanted to know if i could submit it as a video. Well, i wasnt sure of how this was to be done and i said i was way away from anywhere, she asked me if my mobile phone had video capabilities and i said i wasnt sure. At the time i declined to push it but the producer said 'maybe someone you know has a mobile that can do it'. I told my partner about the call after leaving the facility and she told me that we could do it on her phone. At first I was reluctant but then when we got to our destination, I decided to give it a shot. We filmed the question, it took a few takes to get it right, in our hotel room late that night and then submitted it online. I then tweeted them to say it was there and they later responded that they had received it. I looked forward to seeing the show and hoped for my question to be aired.


It wasnt to be.... :(  I tweeted again that i was a little disappointed, their response was that the show is dynamic and that not all questions can be asked.  I understood that, but wondered why they chose to air no video questions in that episode?  No answer to that and i let it go.  Made me think about trying a second time...


My second attempt to get a video question on the program was done a little more professionally and was filmed at home in Longreach. The question that I initially posted as a web question related to the riots that had just happened in Sydney earlier that weekend and since the mayor of Sydney was going to be on the panel I thought it appropriate. You see, there had been a muslim protest regarding the youtube video 'innocence of muslims' (link to youtube video, dont know if its still there). It was not known to me till the riots and then all of a sudden people were talking about it.  People who did see it reported it contained 'crap acting'. However, we saw on the news a child holding a placard saying 'behead those who insult the prophet'... and it looked like the kid was being photographed by their parent.


The question I asked was as follows:


Hi QandA, this question is for the panel. With the recent protests in Sydney regarding a little known video, we saw a picture of a child holding up a sign saying 'behead those who insult the prophet.' Is it right that kids be put into these situations like violent protests spouting this type of hatred? Isnt this a form of abuse or neglect by the parents? If so, should the government consider removing these kids from their parents? Please discuss..”


Again, one of the producers rang me to ask for my surname as i hadnt put it down on the submission form. They said the video was being 'considered' for the show. Again i tweeted around and posted on facebook for my friends to watch the episode. And again.. i sat down to watch the episode only to see a muslim member of the audience ask virtually the same question.  The episode was very interesting as it contained a lot of talk about Israel and Palestine.  I was a little disappointed but resolved that next time i would do better and get my question aired.


So, for 'third time lucky' or so i thought. My partner and I filmed the question in front of ASHOF - Australian Stockmens Hall Of Fame at about 6pm on a Sunday evening. I figured nobody would be around and the statue in particular was a good backdrop to my question regarding the future of technology and regional/rural communities. I jokingly called it 'bandit broadcasting' as we left the site. The question was as follows:


G'day QandA from Longreach in central western Queensland. My question is for the American 'futurist' Jason Silva on the panel and the rest. Having been in the city and the country, there is a big difference in usage and cost of technology such as the internet. Could you please tell me what you think of the future of technology as it relates to this big country of ours and in particular to regional and remote communities? Please discuss..”


Again, I uploaded the video and tweeted to the show, wondering if they could make it 3rd time lucky.  Imagine my surprise, that no producer rang me this time and i sat down to watch the show as usual and again... my question was not aired. There was a similar question asked by an audience member but nothing to do with rural/regional communities! In fact, the person on the panel that was most interesting was the very one that i had addressed my question too.  I dont think even Tony Jones could keep up with the young American 'futurist' Jason Silva.  So anyway, not a case of 3rd time lucky for me as i had hoped... :(  I see my video is on the front page of the QandA site if you're interested, it may not be there for long.  For the others you may have to find em in the archives i guess?


I hope you understand, I'm not really complaining and still love the show. Besides, getting your question aired on QandA does not pay anything. I guess its more about the intellectual discussion and the 15seconds of fame i.e getting your head on television which i never really wanted before. All it costs to get the video up is time,  a little imagination and the upload of the video... though given our cost of internet out here that can cost a bit actually. Dont get me started on our telecommunication giants and their higher pricing for regional customers. Stay tuned for my next attempt at questioning the panel on QandA as well as my next blog posts regarding telecoms/internet/computers.  and even 'Adsense = Nonsense!' which was my attempt at getting a little capitalist with my blog to no avail so far?! I will ask the question, 'why does Google Blogger advertise Adsense on its individual blogs when it is obviously unlikely to get the ads placed on individual blogs??  


Stay tuned also, I am looking at blogging about my trips to the Philippines and much more....  If you have read this far please scroll down and leave a comment, would love to hear your thoughts on this post.



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DONE Sending...

Guy Gray | Reply 16.01.2013 12.08

GK finishes with "They do say, though, that persistence pays, so keep trying!"

Guy Gray | Reply 16.01.2013 12.08

GK contd "..and give them to said audience members. Just the ponderings of a somebody out in etherland."

Guy Gray | Reply 16.01.2013 12.05

GK contd "I just wonder if the producers of the show "load" the audience and maybe raid the best questions that people have sent in.."

Guy Gray | Reply 16.01.2013 12.02

When i 1st posted this Glen Klimo "I must say that I have never watched an episode of Q & A, but have found your attempts at "fame" an intellectual curiosity."

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10.03 | 19:15

I have stood by and watched a with concern and love. I admire the way you have handled yourself and the situation. My love with you. In admiration. Fly

10.03 | 14:07

Well, come back the TOG you old git. We will love you unconditionally there.

Seriously though, this is a good post. I am sorry for your pain mate.

10.03 | 12:26

Spread your wings you dodo, you might be able to fly.

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