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Livin' large in Longreach...likes & dislikes!

Some of you may not know Longreach so.. heres the drum, the basic facts and figures. Longreach  is a central western Queensland town of approximately 3-4 thousand people. Its main industries are tourism and serving the rural industries/surrounding properties and the like. Longreach calls itself the 'gateway to the Outback. We have a local newspaper and its called 'The Longreach Leader' .  The local council was part of the amalgamation process and now the Longreach Regional Council consists of Longreach, Ilfracombe and Isisford/Yaraka.


We (me and my partner) have been residing in this little town for between 18months and 2 years now. We came up here for jobs and have settled in. We have made it a point while living here to visit/explore the surrounding towns, racking up a lot of kilometres in the process. We have visited Jundah, Stonehenge (thats right, here in Queensland), Ilfracombe, Isisford, Yaraka, Muttaburra, Aramac and Winton. When we have visitors we like to show them some of these and give them the 'Outback experience'. The following is something I wrote about our little town a while back and it still seems appropriate. Enjoy.


This is an open letter to anyone who cares to read it, especially those who care about this little town called Longreach. After viewing some internet videos about the things that people like or dislike about places, i thought i would do up my own about Longreach. Coming from the city not too long ago, now living and working in this community has given me a certain perspective and i thought i would share.


I'll begin with the things i like about Longreach, the list has 20 items:


(1)- There's little or no stress here.

(2)- The friendly nature of people here i.e the nod or smile you get when walking down the street.

(3)- The ease of parking here, i reckon centre parking rules!

(4)- The job market here is a lot less competitive therefore easier to get jobs. Have to delete this one!

(5)- The safe feeling you have when walking the streets, even at night.

(6)- The wide open spaces. Enough said.

(7)- The closeness to the airport, Greyhound bus stop and train station.

(8)- The tourist attractions so close also, i really like the QANTAS Museum and ASHOF.

(9)- The main street, there's only one Eagle Street, you cant get lost there.

(10)- The winter season here is great, the warm days and the cool nights and most importantly no bugs.

(11)- The abundance of wildlife close by, the parrots and kangaroos and emus etc...

(12)- The fact the town does have its own Eagle Boys, Video 2000 and Crazy Clarks.

(13)- The fish truck with its variety of prawns, scallops, mussels, ocean fish etc...

(14)- The community spirit at times of trouble i.e the Flood Relief.

(15)- Putting all your rubbish in one bin, not having to sort and separate – how quaint?

(16)- The slower pace of life here, no running for buses and trains just 2 mins drive and you're at work.

(17)- The impetus to take long drives on a weekend to other small towns that are less likely seen.

(18)- Simply appreciating the beauty of air conditioning- its not a luxury, its a necessity out here.

(19)- The clear skies at night perfect for viewing the stars.

(20)- Lastly, the fact theres little or no smog or pollution in the air.


Now for my 20 dislikes:


(1)- The town is tooo quiet and rather boring.

(2)- The townsfolk getting too familiar, this leads to much gossip.

(3)- There's not enough eating places, i mean once you've tried Eagles Nest, Harrys, Cattlemens and the Chinese Restaurant a few times or a few dozen, no i havent forgotten Drawn In Cafe, Merinos Bakery, Dots, the local RSL and DownUnder Cafe.

(4)- The high price of food and other items here, thats due to little competition, they say its 'transport'?.

(5)- The regular stopping of drivers for Random Breath Tests especially in the evening, you can be stopped several times in a day here by the boys and girls in blue.

(6)- The big distances to or from anywhere else.

(7)- The limit of service for travellers by air, train or bus, only 1 service per day for plane and bus and couple of times a week for train.

(8)- The quality of roads and lack of street lights in all but the main street, this is a big one.

(9)- The limit of opening hours for most shops in town, after saturday morning the place goes into hibernation until monday.

(10)- The weather here is hot to very hot, dry and dusty, mostly in summer though.

(11)- The bugs here, also mostly in summer, the good ol gidyea bugs and sandflies really take a bite.

(12)- The roos on the roads round here make driving a hazard, especially at dusk or dawn.

(13)- We don't have Maccas, Hungry Jacks, KFC or Subway, not even Coles, Woolies or Aldi – the nearest ones of most of these is 4 hours away in Emerald.

(14)- The fact the fish truck only comes once every five weeks and only for a day or two.

(15)- When it does rain here or in the surrounding areas, it basically floods the roads in and out of town.

(16)- When the shops run out of items due to the roads being cut.

(17)- The appropriately nicknamed but nonetheless ridiculous 'Eggabout' – its a hazard for road trains. Okay..Which genius designed that??!!

(18)- The fact that theres little or no recycling going on here – just look at the dump, what a dump!

(19)- Local dog owners who cant seem to keep their pets in their own yards, theres plenty of strays.

(20)- And last but by no means least, the way locals drive here, they shortcut the intersections and ignore give way to the right rules.


On both sides, i'm sure there are more but 20 seems like a good number so i'll stop there. Thanks for reading, i hope you found some insight into our little corner of the world. Please come for a visit, Longreach would love to have you. My advice: come in our winter-time/tourist season, the weather is better and the bugs are minimal! If you know Longreach or are thinking of coming, please leave a comment.



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Guy Gray | Reply 16.01.2013 11.16

When i first posted this, Jade Nacario commented: "I Love LRE!"

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I have stood by and watched a with concern and love. I admire the way you have handled yourself and the situation. My love with you. In admiration. Fly

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Well, come back the TOG you old git. We will love you unconditionally there.

Seriously though, this is a good post. I am sorry for your pain mate.

10.03 | 12:26

Spread your wings you dodo, you might be able to fly.

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