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In a sea of images, there’s Instagram and it is a pretty recent addition to our social media stable.  I am really getting into it as its very visual.  It’s really an app rather than a site as it works better on smart phones and tablets. Using a pc you can’t post pictures or even save photos.  It is a down side to Instagram, though if you were able to there would be a much higher volume of older family pics and travel pics.  Of course this is another site that is a great time-waster, great for when you want to procrastinate on something really important. 


I currently have access to 3 profiles, one is a joint account with my partner which I have recently taken over a little, one is what I like to think of as a little more professional and the most recent is for the more hard-edged, controversial stuff. The third is, in a way, named after this blog site and it’s where I post stuff I find on religion, gun control and the state of politics in general.  My partner also now has a couple of profiles, I guess similar divisions exist for her as well.  She has set up one for pictures of our cat and its travels with us.  Many times I will see pics/memes/quotes from other places on the internet and will share them on Instagram.


Instagram is pretty much instant feedback, people will like and/or comment on the photos and video clips you post and to get more people you should use the hashtag symbol.  There are many who are advertising to get more followers and likes, you can literally buy them.  I don’t care about that I just want to post pictures I find and have them circulate even if they’re reposts from someone else or somewhere else.  There are also other apps in conjunction that you can use to frame your photos in different ways or put various photos together in a collage.


As with the rest of the social media sites you can encounter wild debates, insults and sarcasm.  This is especially true of religious or anti-religious posts.  Other topics can raise the red flag too.  The more follower you have the more likelihood that a picture you post will get that sort of attention.  Sometimes you get profiles liking pictures that are clearly against what they stand for.  I guess since there is no ‘dislike’ button then this is their only way.  You get people following you even when their profile stinks of opposing views.  I don’t really understand the rationale for that but it seems important to have ‘followers’ none the less. 


Stick around for the next in line… Pinterest.

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10.03 | 19:15

I have stood by and watched a with concern and love. I admire the way you have handled yourself and the situation. My love with you. In admiration. Fly

10.03 | 14:07

Well, come back the TOG you old git. We will love you unconditionally there.

Seriously though, this is a good post. I am sorry for your pain mate.

10.03 | 12:26

Spread your wings you dodo, you might be able to fly.

24.06 | 14:03

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