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We thought we were immune but there were signs..


It’s True.. the recent events in Martin Place at the Lindt Café here in Sydney Australia known to the internet as the ‘Sydney Siege’ proves it.  I’ve written about terrorism and criminal acts before but now it has reared its ugly head in this ‘great southern land’.




Yet again we see the actions of those extremists who are using and abusing the name of Islam for their own crazy ends.  Here in Sydney we had recent reports regarding conspiracies to commit acts of violence including a reference to Martin Place.  Yet, after the police conducted ‘terror’ raids all around western Sydney and the subsequent violent protests by Muslims in Lakemba, not much was said about the location Martin Place.



The first I knew of the ‘terror raids’ was that I heard low-flying helicopters in our neighbourhood in the morning, I thought they were hospital choppers as there is a big hospital nearby.  I was surprised to learn that what seemed to be a suburb with a majority Indian presence included houses that were raided.  We went about our lives with not much thought about this, except for praise for authorities for reacting strongly and swiftly to what seemed to be a crazy conspiracy.



That was, till the fake Sheikh wielded a gun and took hostages in the Lindt Café across the road from Channel 7 studios.  The result was a 17hour siege, 2 hostages and the gunman dead, several others injured and a whole nation grieving for its loss of innocence.  The sea of flowers in Martin Place will now form part of a more permanent memorial.  I have often been past the studios and enjoy the making of a tv program right there in the heart of the city though I had never entered the Lindt Cafe. 



As we later learned this follower of Islam who was an Iranian refugee had a violent, nasty criminal history, was on bail for certain offences and somehow gained access to a firearm.  Many questions are being asked about this man and those surrounding him.  Questions like ‘where did someone on bail get a gun from?’ ‘What was he doing out on bail when charged with accessory to murder?’  Clearly, something is awry with our justice system and the truth should be told.  These questions are being asked now as they should, but is this all?  Was he acting alone or was he encouraged by listening to Islamic State’s pronouncements.  He made the hostages hold up Islamic flags in the windows in the early stages of the siege so me thinks that he may be following the line.   



More recently a town we used to live in was bought into focus with a restaurant owner putting a sign up saying ‘Sorry No Muslims’.  Now we know this place, Eagles Nest Bar and Grill in Longreach, we know the owner and have had the best steak at that establishment.  The owner is a good Aussie bloke and is always putting out funny, curious signs, probably his way of attracting attention.  This time he seems to have gotten more than he bargained for. 



Many comments have been made on the news sites and on the Bare Naked Islam website.  All sides have been well-represented in these debates, not always well-expressed though.  You could be forgiven for thinking that there are a high number of rednecks in the country however sometimes this is just the way people in regional areas express themselves. 



According to BareNakedIslam, Islam means submission – it doesn’t mean peace as is stated by moderates and our mainstream media.  If true then it puts a new spin on the whole religion.  You see, as an ‘Atheist’ as opposed to an ‘Agnostic’ I have chosen a side… the side of science over religion, the beauty of nature over man-made mass delusions.  Personally, I see religion as an issue generally not just Islam. 



I was on a bus in the western suburbs of Sydney with my partner when we heard the first reports of the siege happening in the CBD (Central Business District) and we were more than a little taken aback.  We started to take notice more of the muslim men and women around and at the bus stops.  There were several women wearing hijabs, this normally does not even raise an eyebrow but we had just heard that the hostage-taker had raised the Islamic flag and it seems daily we are hearing about atrocities in other countries committed by Islamic extremists. 



I firmly believe that the moderate Muslims are in denial and this is evidenced by the fact that there are many acts by individuals and groups who seem to be aiming for spreading their message throughout the world.  But what is their message?  All I see is violent, criminal acts committed by fanatical followers of one of the 3 biggest religions.  These acts have been committed in many nations by many more than the moderates can deny.    There now seem to be more and more groups fighting wars based on the worst atrocities they can commit.  We hear names like Boko Haram, Islamic State, Al Quaeda, Al Noosra, Jamah Islamiah and so on. 



Lets see a world wide march of moderate muslims against extremism in their own ranks?  No, instead what we have seen on the streets of Lakemba among others is violent protests regarding the police raids and a heap of disturbing images including children holding up signs.  That sort of brain-washing of young, innocent minds should be equated to child abuse. 



Now I know that there are people who will say that this is racism, but I think they need to check their definitions before using that inflammatory term.  This is not targeting a ‘race’ rather certain members of many races with an ideological bent.  An ideology that seems hell-bent on bringing misery to the world.  What happened to the ancient leaders of science who were followers of the early Islamic faith? 



You only have to look at Pakistan, Afghanistan, in fact most of the Middle East, parts of Africa and south east Asia.  Even the Philippines for example, the island of Mindanao and the Zamboanga peninsula where chaos reigns because Muslim separatists want their own state.  My loving partners own family have been touched by this. 



The  #iwillridewithyou sentiment that became a sensation on Twitter straight after the Sydney Siege is all very well and good.   I too initially thought that innocent members of the muslim community would be targeted by those members of the Australian community with certain views but seeing the grief on the faces of complete strangers in Martin Place I can understand why.  I did see members of the muslim community at the flower memorial.




We are grieving for our loss of innocence and I am now pretty sure that there will be some sort of repeat of the ‘Cronulla Riots’.  There has already been instances and it appears that certain individuals have been arrested and denied bail.  Hmm.. anyone see the irony in denying some bail but some others get it??  I don’t condone violence and I don’t think tit-for-tat is the best way to go.  You just have to look at the Israel-Palestine conflict to know that never works. 




However, given the evidence of New York, London, Madrid and Bali to name a few and now Sydney in a small but significant way, perhaps the whole #iwillridewithyou is a little naïve or even misguided.  Most of these events have involved some loss of innocent Aussie lives.  Bali, in particular was committed by members of another extremist group, again targeting westerners enjoying themselves.  Do they want to impose misery on everyone simply to submit to their will?  Let it not happen here though I fear it already is.



I am proof that it is not just the right wing raising the flag on this one it is even a left-leaning Aussie atheist.  I don’t want an invasion of ideology that is so far different from our own.  Yes, there is an Aussie culture, the sun, the surf, the sand, the dirt and the dust, we like to have a drink with friends and talk to all manner of people from all different places.  How can you talk with someone whose ideology is so far from your own?  An ideology that is not focussed on freedom, the real freedom to dress how you want, to talk to who you want to.  You will not get this freedom in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, even Saudi Arabia among others. 




This does not mean that Christians or Jews have been innocent at all times however in the most recent past, here I am talking about the last say 20 years.. there has been a large amount of atrocities committed by those who see themselves as committed to the cause of Islam.  The subjugation of all others by any means. 



This is what I wrote in response to the sign BNI bought to my attention through being shared on Facebook. 




Firstly, as an Atheist, I reject the Christian reference in this sign but i’ll let it slip and i’m not offended. Having been to Longreach in the past I know this venue and Hawksey is a real nice aussie bloke. He usually writes funny signs and quite frankly he’s just expressing a view that many others would like to but are scared to. We saw what happened in Martin Place and we grieve for the loss of innocence. We thought we were immune but the signs were all pointing to something coming. We still have freedom of expression in this country, do we not??

Apparently he’s now getting death threats because someone published his phone number. This is where things are going wrong, I don’t remember seeing any muslims in Longreach so no offence should be taken. He hasnt said “bugger off Musims!” If no offence is taken then there is no crime, no need to for Anti-Discrimination.

The truth is most moderate muslims are in denial and don’t want to admit that there religion has been used and abused by many not just a few. The latest is the fake Sheikh hostage taker right here in Sydney, but lets not forget Bali, New York, London, Madrid and all over the Middle East. They can not deny that Islam the religious ideology has been twisted by many in their own ranks, it’s no wonder we see it as a danger.

I have seen them protest strongly when there are police raids yet the only time they protest against terrorism is when their own are being killed. See recent events in Pakistan where schoolkids were murdered by members of an extremist group.




Certainly, there are a lot of different opinions over this issue, the simple writing of a sign by a shop owner in a regional town.  A town I have written about in one of my early posts



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10.03 | 19:15

I have stood by and watched a with concern and love. I admire the way you have handled yourself and the situation. My love with you. In admiration. Fly

10.03 | 14:07

Well, come back the TOG you old git. We will love you unconditionally there.

Seriously though, this is a good post. I am sorry for your pain mate.

10.03 | 12:26

Spread your wings you dodo, you might be able to fly.

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