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I like the art of writing although I’m no artiste really, maybe more of an educated, articulate amateur.  Why is it then when it comes to updating my CV (Curriculum Vitae), commonly known as a Resume’ or writing a cover letter and answers to Selection Criteria fills me with such loathing?  Yet I will start writing a poem with just a vague line in my head and watch hours slip away doing it. Of course, I’m never quite happy with the finished piece. 


During a recent relocation, I came upon 3 books of poetry.. these are anthologies of poems by poets far and wide.  These 3 books are of particular interest to me as individual poems of mine appear in them.  Two are published by the International Library of Poetry and one by Noble House.  I know I have mentioned these before in a previous post titled ‘Artistic endeavours’ but I would like to talk about them in more detail here..


I believe the first one that got published was in ‘Twilight Musings’ by The International Library of Poetry and in 2005.  My poem was called ‘For Two’ and I have reproduced it here…

For Two?!

Couples, couples, couples everywhere,
But they don’t care!
About the single guy,
Its just me, myself and i!

As much as I try,
In the face comes a pie!
All those romantic ideals and dreams,
Floating up said creek without a paddle, it seems?!

Damn those glimmers of hope surrounded by walls,
I went head over heels and tumbled down the falls!
Seen many public displays of affection,
But these only heighten the feelings of rejection!

In the battle between bad boys and good guys,
The nice guy don’t score too many tries!
Too many nights of cold showers,
And way too much money on choccys and flowers!

Its too much to grin and bear,
In this endless game of truth or dare!
Ah well, blow a few away in a game online,
And my life again seems just fine!!!


In these publications I was given the option of writing a small paragraph, sort of a summary if you like of what this poem or poetry in general means to me.  Although I didn’t write it in the summary, this poem was written during the time of a holiday romance gone awry.. It must be said this and quite a few others were written in the bedrock of dumpsville but more on that later…


Artist’s Profile… from Brisbane, Australia

As a single white male, an educated yet bored public servant who is always looking for something, I find poetry writing, among other activities, is a way to express feelings, thoughts and observations.  This particular poem speaks of a range of emotions and finding therapy in computer games.  These games are played as a member of TOG (The Older Gamers) which is an international online gaming community for the over 25’s.  Finally, to those who served up the inspiration for this work, I say, “Thanks Very Much!”…


I received an Editors Choice Award certificate from and The International Library of Poetry as well.  The second one was in ‘Songs of Honour’ published by Noble House in 2006.  My poem this time was titled ‘Dead Stars to Black Holes’…


Dead stars to black holes


Andy Warhol might have got it wrong,

Its not just the start of another TISM song.

Haven’t seen many a dead star,

Die like River outside a bar.


We wondered at the passing of Marilyn Monroe,

Was it a conspiracy by Kennedy and Co.?

Or was it more like James Dean,

Another one making a final scene?!


Before the demise of Elvis Presley,

He was big, everyone will agree.

Listening to the music of Kurt Cobain,

You won’t really hear his pain.


Drugs were a factor in many of these,

Paying the price while aiming to please.

When they were at their height,

Reality returned and took a bite.


The following is my summary..

Authors Note…  from Brisbane, Australia

This poem was intended to pay homage to those listed and more who entertain us, and also to discuss the dangerous mix of drugs and fame. I have many more poems on a wide variety of topics. Poetry writing is a way to express what’s inside and a commentary on what I see.  Thank you, Noble House, for giving my poetry the chance to reach an international audience.


In 2006 I was asked to submit another poem for publication by the ILP.  This time ‘The Best Poems and Poets of 2005’ and mine came out called ‘An ode to Poes Prose.. AKA The Crow’…


An Ode to Poes Prose, aka the Crow!


Many years ago,

Wrote a man named Edgar Allan Poe!

The Raven was quite disturbing and dark,

Not something to be read aloud in a park.


Oh yeah, the Raven aka the crow,

But this big black bird aint no foe!                            

He’s my friend,

Bringing a magical blend.


He’s black like the night,

And he’d clean my bones till they gleam white.

He has that all-seeing eye,

That lets me know when the end is nigh.


I hear his shriek,

To others, it sounds bleak!

A little like ‘Fark’,

It tells me when one might cark.


The crow might sit above the door,

Repeating that now infamous word “Nevermore!”

It leaves me wondering who Lenore could have been,

And what that crow might have seen?


Although I might die on this day,

Like the character in Poes wordplay!

His poem strikes at my core,

And brings the poet in me to the fore.


Although it was submitted in the four-line structure you see here, when it came out in print it came out with no dividing spaces.  Overall though, I was pretty happy with it and just seeing it in the book was enough for me.  The following is my summary..


Artist’s Profile… from Brisbane, Australia

I love the poem, “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe and thought I could do a good dedication to it.  I believe my poem sums up the feeling of the original work, though this ode is a fairly simple rhyme for a not so simple time and is nowhere near as long as the original poem!


For each of these, I submitted a poem and then was offered a place in the upcoming publication and the opportunity to purchase a copy or two for my own collection.  Which I did gladly and in good faith, in fact I ordered 2 copies = 1 for me and 1 for my folks.  In each of these nicely-presented hard cover volumes my poem appears on the 1st page...  whenever i got the packages I was excited and on each of the copies for my parents I wrote a message.


In 2006 I attended a symposium run by the International Society of Poets in Las Vegas staying at the Riviera Hotel and Casino.  During one of the events a poetry book market was held and while talking to some of the other patrons, I had a chance to look at another copy of the same book that my poem was in.  Strangely I could not find it in their copy?  Then I looked around for other copies of the same books and could not find mine in them either although I didn’t find many people who had copies on hand. I began to get a little disillusioned with the publishers but kept it to myself at the time.  I did not want to think that I had been conned, I still don’t want to think it but i just read this now!


I did present a poem at the Symposium for which I got a crystal sculpture as an award for entering and presenting.  I stood in a room full of wannabe poets and presented mine for judging, there were a number of rooms for this purpose and most who were in the room were presenting theirs, it was a long day.  The poem I presented on the day was one that was written also in the duldrums of having a romantic ideal dashed.  It was called ‘Get A Life..’…


Get a Life?!


You told me to “Get a life!!”

It cut me like a knife.

Though it weren’t out of the blue,

Twas the final nail, its true.


At the time I was upset,

Now it seems I cant forget.

The good time we had,

And all we said just makes me sad.


I’m trying to get you out of my head,

Its hard while sleeping alone in my bed.

Day and night, it’s a constant fight,

To find a solution, to see the light.


They say its all about time,

And nothing to do with this rhyme.

I see other people living life,

Always brings me back to my own strife.


I know there’s some worse off than me,

I understand that and they have my sympathy.

I’m trying to soldier on and bury the pain,

But my mind is spinning, think I’m going insane?!


Though we’re a long way away,

I keep thinking of another time, another day.

When there was a whole other head-space,

And the thrill of the chase.


It was a two way street,

Not made of concrete.

Now it’s a one-way lane,

To a world of pain.


I still wish you could be here,

You were a joy to be near.

Now you’re off in your own little world,

I’m down on the floor, in a ball I curled!


I started it with an introduction something like…

“Hi, I’m… its good to see a few fellow Aussies in the room although this poem ‘get a life’ is not particularly Australian… the title came from an email received, a very modern way of saying ‘its over’ whatever ‘it’ was….”


Strangely, when I went back to my spot in the room I had a few people wanting to shake my hand and/or pat me on the back both in condolence and congratulations… I guess the reading was a bittersweet symphony and struck a chord with others in the room.  I remember there were a couple of poems read about breakups/divorces etcetera… the details are lost to me now though.


Sad to say but I didn’t win the ‘Best Poem’ at the Symposium Awards Dinner but was amazed and surprised at the sort of poems being presented, most seemed to have very little if any rhyme to them… You see, I pride myself on Simple Rhymes.  Whatever happened to ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe or ‘Hell-bound Train’ by Unknown?  These poems tell a story and still manage to rhyme.


Poetry writing is still something I like to do when the mood strikes or a line comes to me and maybe one day i will publish the volume/s that I have built up over the years since but reading about Philosophy and of course Blogging have become my current flings… just don’t tell my fiance’!  ;)

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10.03 | 19:15

I have stood by and watched a with concern and love. I admire the way you have handled yourself and the situation. My love with you. In admiration. Fly

10.03 | 14:07

Well, come back the TOG you old git. We will love you unconditionally there.

Seriously though, this is a good post. I am sorry for your pain mate.

10.03 | 12:26

Spread your wings you dodo, you might be able to fly.

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