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Welcome to Ravens Rationale... I am the Raven and this is my Rationale.  Welcome to my world.  I am one of those who likes to comment on issues and tell a bit of a story.  Basically, these are just my thoughts/ramblings/experiences, i do hope you enjoy reading or at least get some food for thought.  


Now, I am not a little black bird but a white Aussie male who likes to write about things that interest me.  I am an Atheist, who's Anti Animal Cruelty and Pro Gun Control, i am someone who likes the monarchy in England but wants an Australian head of state.  I have a healthy irreverence to the state of politics in this 'great southern land' we call the 'best country in the world'.   I enjoy travelling, writing poetry and am interested in national and international events.


Please feel free to comment on anything you read in my blog, though i would advise you to keep your comments nice and constructive.  Please do not try to advertise other sites on this site, cause i will eventually get around to removing your comments.  It looks like there is a maximum character limit to comments, sorta like Twitter so make your comments short and sweet Cool



I have recently added an area for my poetry and called it 'Poets Corner'. Hope you enjoy my simple rhymes for these not-so simple times.  Please feel free to comment on these as you check them out. There is more to come however the titles added so far are:


# - Release The Beast

# - Bad Aussee In Austria - re-posted

# - Society At War

# - Travel Advice

# - At War With The ANZACs


What The Blog

I have decided to include a contents page for the various blog posts i.e my many ramblings and rants.  Makes it easier for my readers out there.  The following are direct links to individual posts:



The Blog - From the most recent backwards...





# - What does Jack know - About the Future

# - Survival so far - A guide

# - On my sabbatical - Thoughts on exile

# - 7 Year Itch - Me got scratched in a train wreck

# - 2016 - Year in review - No to new years resolutions

# - The professional network - Who's LinkedIn

# - Pinning my interests - On Pinterest

# - In a sea of images - Well it is Instagram

# - Nevermore than 140 characters - the Raven tweets

# - Look me up on the Facebook - Numero Uno in the social media stable

# - Social media savvy - Moving from mass media

# - Music is sport - I liked the 90s better

# - To have been a fan - A TISM fan

# - Go and get LOST - Got lost watching Lost

# - We'll make great Pets - A cat man now

# - Shooting My Mouth Off - Gun control debate outline

# - Even more Forwarded material - The last one's a bit sad

# - More Forwarded Funnies - Another dose of good medicine

# - The Property Dilemma - a Philosophical look at Property

# - Flying the great Religious divide - an Atheists perspective

# - How does your Garden grow - Green Thumb attempt

# - New on Netflix - A newbie viewing

# - Winter is best - In the Outback

# - Time Flies - Does it really

# - What A Coincidence - What happens when you meet people

# - Post ANZAC Day 2015 - Reflections on the day

# - Finito (Finished) - Reading Edgar Allan Poe

# - We Need You - To be a Volunteer

# - Ya Big Bully - A look at Bullying and Cowardice

# - Forwarded funnies you might appreciate - To lighten the mood

# - We thought we were immune but there were signs - Following the Sydney Siege

# - What's in a Name and where are we going? - Look at Terrorism and more.

# - Another World War..Anyone - What's happening in the World.

# - Am I Branded - Not looking for sponsorship but talking about awareness

# - What The..Buck - Meeting a mad American 

# - Let's Compare - Australia and Philippines.

# - Dexter: A New Slice of Life Please - From the TV show to the Books.

# - You Could Blame Henry Ford - Just measuring what ails us.

# - The Educator - Becoming an Agent.

# - VIPs tour DownUnder - Showing Australia to Philippines. 

# - For the Hoarders - From outside a compulsion. 

# - People on the periphery - Should old acquaintances be forgot. 

# - Accountants eat their own - One look at the accounting industry.

# - The Records Management Professional - How I got into Records.

# - Ravens Rhyming ways - Taking poetic licence.

# - Woe to be a Jobhopper - Suggest forming a support group.

# - Raven rants regarding recruiters - Title says it all.

# - Yours by choice..a story of adoption - A personal story from one who is adopted.

# - Racists.. around the world - Using India as an example.

# - Honestly.. not always best policy.. - Job apps and in life.

# - The Lie of 'Lifelong learning'.. - A story of ones tertiary education.

# - Raven gets political - On the eve of Aust Fed Election 2013.

# - Why Australia is a rip-off country - From the country to the city.

# - Much Philosophising - My introduction to Philosophy.

# - The only one in the room - Ever feel like the odd one out.

# - What would an anarchist do - Looking at crime and justice.

# - Dont quote me - A collection of Quotes from others.

# - Ageing disgracefully -  Getting older.

# - To print or not to print - The great publishing question.

# - My mothers pain - The book i could write.

# - Multicultural means to me - Multiculturalism in Australia

# - Lemon yellow is the new black and other silliness - A new catch-phrase or something else.

# - A workin stiff - To those doing the 9 to 5.

# - Sport..not for the uncoordinated - For the viewer, not the doer.

# - Artistic endeavours - Ones attempts at the various arts.

# - Gun culture - Weapons licensing in Aust and USA

# - Movies that moved me - Some of my faves.

# - TV shows me - The idiot box.

# - Mining more than the ground - Industry has a lot to answer for.

# - An end to Live Exports - Stop the boats.

# - Grass on the other side is always greener - Get some Astro-Turf.

# - The show must go on - I love ABC's QandA

# - Livin large in Longreach..likes and dislikes - 20 things about Longreach, Queensland.

# - Killing me softly..a murder of raven - Why the name RavensRationale.




Articulate Meanderings

Still in the process of moving these to a separate page called the Travel Blog  however these links go to the individual posts....







# - The Aussie in Japan - One of those regrets.

# - A few Postscripts to the BIG Trip - Reflecting and moving on. 

# - The BIG Trip concludes..European adventure - Travelling around western Europe.

# - The BIG Trip continued..The United Kingdom - Touring Britain and Ireland.

# - The BIG Trip began in the US of A - Round the world starting in America.

# - The overseas traveller.. part 1 - First part of my overseas adventures.

# - Joy of travelling.. albeit domestically (pt2) - Around Australia adventures continued.

# - Joy of travelling.. albeit domestically (pt1) - Around Australia commenced.

# - More fun in the Philippines - More like 'more food in the Philippines'.

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10.03 | 19:15

I have stood by and watched a with concern and love. I admire the way you have handled yourself and the situation. My love with you. In admiration. Fly

10.03 | 14:07

Well, come back the TOG you old git. We will love you unconditionally there.

Seriously though, this is a good post. I am sorry for your pain mate.

10.03 | 12:26

Spread your wings you dodo, you might be able to fly.

24.06 | 14:03

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